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Single Vehicle Load and Dimension Data

This vehicles' basic, load and dimension data.
Data about the vehicle in question
MakeModelDay HireWeekend HireWeek HireDoorsSeatsFuel TypeTransAverage MPGWidth Between Wheel Arches (m)Width Full Load (m)Load Length (m)Load Height (m)Tailgate Width (m)Tailgate Height (m)Max PayloadFloor Area (m2)Cubic Area (m3)
FordRanger 2.0 Wildtrack£100.00£200.00£600.0025DieselManual26.41.131.562.30.831.3711823.3
FordTransit Custom SWB Low£70.00£140.00£300.0043DieselAuto49.61.351.772.551.41.41.38664.245.4
VWTransporter LWB - 105bhp£80.00£160.00£330.0043DieselAuto401.241.692.971.41.481.310655.027.03
VWShuttle LWB SE£125.00£250.00£800.0049DieselAuto44.
FordTransit 350 RWD£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual361.
VWTransporter LWB - 150 bhp£80.00£160.00£330.0042DieselAuto401.241.692.971.41.41.2710655.027.03
MitsubishiMitsubishi L200 Barbarian£100.00£200.00£600.0022DieselAuto271.081.471.520.4751.40.710452.231
PeugeotPeugeot Bipper£70.00£140.00£350.0032DieselManual601.041.471.521.180.641.046602.232.64
VWVW Caddy Maxi LWB Auto£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselAuto521.161.552.
VWVW Transporter SWB£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselManual461.241.692.571.391.481.311204.346.04
FordFord Transit Custom SWB Hi-Roof£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselAuto391.391.772.
ToyotaToyota Proace D 140 LWB Extended£70.00£140.00£350.0043DieselManual491.251.662.861.391.41.2910004.276.6
FordFord Transit Custom LWB£80.00£160.00£330.0042DieselManual431.391.772.
FordFord Transit L2 H2£100.00£200.00£650.0043DieselAuto391.391.782.
PeugeotPeugeot Boxer L2 H2 professional£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual351.421.873.121.931.561.791545511.5
PeugeotPeugeot Boxer L3 H2 professional£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual441.421.873.71.931.561.7914955.413
VWVW Crafter MWB Hi-Roof£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual371.
MercedesMercedes-Benz Sprinter£100.00£200.00£560.0042DieselManual321.51.784.31.941.51.87647.614
FordFord Box Tail Lift£125.00£250.00£630.0032DieselManual272.0542.161.81.910008.217.71
VWVW Caddy 7 Seater£90.00£180.00£448.0057DieselAuto491.1681.5521.2591.1831.134736
FordTourneo 9 Seater£125£250£80059DieselAuto43

*** weekend hire refers to taking a vehicle either (a) at the end of the working day on Friday or (b) at the start of the working day on Saturday. The vehicle must then be returned *before* 8am on the following Monday.

Hire a VW Crafter

The  middle length Crafter stocked by Econorent is the new 2021 model. It’s a well known model, more storage area than it’s baby brother, the Transporter but with a lot of the same DNA. Traditionally the Crafter was built on the same platform as the Mercedes Sprinter but that partnership ended and Volkswagen put a lot of faith and money into making a Crafter it’s own. The new model brings forward the trustworthy and quality workmanship that we’re all used to from VW, while bringing the technology bang up to date. 

VW Crafter Interior

Inside the cab you can really tell it’s closely related to the exceedingly popular Transporter. The dash, controls and high end feel of the components is present. A touchscreen dominates the centre of the console and all of the features we’re rapidly becoming used to are there. USB, bluetooth, Apple and Android connectivity.

Cruise control is standard. And VW have made a real effort to make the Crafter a pleasing long-distance vehicle, it’s quiet in the cab compared to it’s competitors in the market segement. Storage options are a plenty and are sizable so plenty of places for clipboards, tablets, phones and cups of coffee.

VW Crafter Drive

It’s a bigger van that the VW Transporter but it retains the driving experience. There is great torque and ample power. There’s a comforting amount of pull all over the gear ranges even at low revs and the ride is smooth with a full load or totally empty.

The 2 litre 6-speed TDI engine in place has always been a belter of a powerplant for Volkswagen and refinements over the years have only improved things. Also, in place are some great hi-tech features such as automatic post collision breaking system to put an end to those embarrassing little knocks. And VW’s own Cross Wind Assist package to keep the vehicle stable when going over bridges like the Orwell Bridge in Ipswich, Suffolk.

VW Crafter Practicality

If you’re considering hiring a VW Crafter you’re probably mostly interested in what it can carry. We currently stock the L2H2 version of the Crafter which is one of the smaller in the range but, as you’ll see, it still packs a lot in. The maximum load length is 3400mm, height is 1800mm. This gives you a total cubic volume of a 10.7 meters. Pretty enormous. You would get most sofas into this vehicle and a good selection of wardrobes and cupboards. It’ll take 4 euro pallets if you’re into that sort of thing.

Our model has a sliding door at the side and double doors at the read that give great clearance for loading. Econorent stock the CR35 version of the VW Crafter which has a gross vehicle weight ( GVW ) of 3.5 tonnes. This is a huge capacity and, on a normal UK driving license, this is Crafter with the most load that you can legally drive.

Hire the VW crafter today

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a the largest load carrying vehicle that you can drive without jumping in a tail-lift van then you’ve found what you’re looking for. This is the do-all van. Long distances, large loads in comfort and surrounded by some of the latest in-car technology. And all this in a drivable package that belies the size of the vehicle you’re sitting in.

If you don’t quite need this amount of van, we have plenty of other to choose from. The LWB VW Transporter has the quality drive and attention to detail. And, the Peugeot Boxer Professional is a great load mover that often goes under the radar.

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