Rent a car or MPV for a trip to Europe

Unlike some other vehicle hire firms we can provide car van or MPV hire you can drive to Europe!

Being located in East Anglia you are only a long days drive from the beaches of southern France or ferry ride from holiday across the poppy fields of Holland. Take a longer trip down to the Black Forest of Germany or a hop across to Brussels, the seat of European power.

The only extras you need to consider when booking a vehicle for Europe are as follows. You’ll need to pay an extra fee for an insurance “Green Card”. This converts the current UK insurance plan into fully comprehensive European insurance. For your and our peace of mind. A necessity. This will only cost a flat rate of £28 a week. We’ll also need you to get European breakdown coverage. Again a flat rate, and at approximately £50 a week depending on the vehicle booked its not a huge extra cost.

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General driving tips essential for driving all over Europe:

  • Have both parts of you driving licence with you at all times.
  • Make early note of the local driving speed limits. And be sure to take note when you cross borders. The differences may catch you out!
  • Double check that your SatNav is equipped for European travel. It may only come with UK maps and be completely devoid of any detail the minute you leave the mainland!
  • Make sure to have your camera handy just in case of any accidents. Grab photos of everything you think may be relevant. The surroundings, the road, the damage inflicted. Snap away.
  • If travelling in southern, hotter climates remember to take plenty of drinking water. A breakdown and subsequent wait for assistance could leave you and your passengers desperate for a thirst quenching beverage.
  • Beware of rapidly changing cold conditions in more northerly and central Europe. Snowstorms in places such as Poland and Croatia can be brutal and thicker than anything we experience in the UK.

Some country specific European driving tips for your roadtrip:

The French police are renowned for strictly applying speeding restrictions. The fines are high and they will try to extract them from you in cash. Beware.
If the police see fit they may try and confiscate your UK driving licence. So please drive with care.
Single white lines have a different meaning in France. Much like the double-line in the UK they mean “No Overtaking”.
You’ll also need your own personal breathalyzer. You may be asked to produce it by the police.

You must be sure to carry 2 red warning triangles when driving in Spain. These should be laid out in front and behind your vehicle in the event of an accident.
Other requirements are a spare pair of spectacles/glasses if you are a wearer, a full set of spare bulbs and a spare wheel.
Beware of thieves praying on drivers such as yourself. Take great care if you must stop by the roadside and be wary of offering assistance to anyone broken down.

In an effort to reduce road accidents in Belgium fines have been hugely increased of recent. £2000 fines for breaking the speed limit by 30mph is not unheard of. Failure to pay could result in the impounding of your vehicle.

Look out for Hollands’ famous Trams and Bicycles. Trams have right of way and are definitely not scared to use that power. Bicycles rule by sheer number. Keep alert!
Roundabouts can be slightly unpredictable here. Stay slow and check out the lay of the land before committing when you’re new to the systems.

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Rent a car or MPV for a trip to Europe
If you're renting a car for European travel to France, Holland, or Spain - these are the things you need to know.
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