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Single Vehicle Load and Dimension Data

This vehicles' basic, load and dimension data.
Data about the vehicle in question
MakeModelDay HireWeekend HireWeek HireDoorsSeatsFuel TypeTransAverage MPGWidth Between Wheel Arches (m)Width Full Load (m)Load Length (m)Load Height (m)Tailgate Width (m)Tailgate Height (m)Max PayloadFloor Area (m2)Cubic Area (m3)
FordRanger 2.0 Wildtrack£100.00£200.00£600.0025DieselManual26.41.131.562.30.831.3711823.3
FordTransit Custom SWB Low£70.00£140.00£300.0043DieselAuto49.61.351.772.551.41.41.38664.245.4
VWTransporter LWB - 105bhp£80.00£160.00£330.0043DieselAuto401.241.692.971.41.481.310655.027.03
VWShuttle LWB SE£125.00£250.00£800.0049DieselAuto44.
FordTransit 350 RWD£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual361.
VWTransporter LWB - 150 bhp£80.00£160.00£330.0042DieselAuto401.241.692.971.41.41.2710655.027.03
MitsubishiMitsubishi L200 Barbarian£100.00£200.00£600.0022DieselAuto271.081.471.520.4751.40.710452.231
PeugeotPeugeot Bipper£70.00£140.00£350.0032DieselManual601.041.471.521.180.641.046602.232.64
VWVW Caddy Maxi LWB Auto£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselAuto521.161.552.
VWVW Transporter SWB£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselManual461.241.692.571.391.481.311204.346.04
FordFord Transit Custom SWB Hi-Roof£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselAuto391.391.772.
ToyotaToyota Proace D 140 LWB Extended£70.00£140.00£350.0043DieselManual491.251.662.861.391.41.2910004.276.6
FordFord Transit Custom LWB£80.00£160.00£330.0042DieselManual431.391.772.
FordFord Transit L2 H2£100.00£200.00£650.0043DieselAuto391.391.782.
PeugeotPeugeot Boxer L2 H2 professional£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual351.421.873.121.931.561.791545511.5
PeugeotPeugeot Boxer L3 H2 professional£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual441.421.873.71.931.561.7914955.413
VWVW Crafter MWB Hi-Roof£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual371.
MercedesMercedes-Benz Sprinter£100.00£200.00£560.0042DieselManual321.51.784.31.941.51.87647.614
FordFord Box Tail Lift£125.00£250.00£630.0032DieselManual272.0542.161.81.910008.217.71
VWVW Caddy 7 Seater£90.00£180.00£448.0057DieselAuto491.1681.5521.2591.1831.134736
FordTourneo 9 Seater£125£250£80059DieselAuto43

*** weekend hire refers to taking a vehicle either (a) at the end of the working day on Friday or (b) at the start of the working day on Saturday. The vehicle must then be returned *before* 8am on the following Monday.

Peugeot Boxer Professional

The Boxer has been doing good work for many years now. It’s actually one of the oldest van models on the market. The trusted Peugeot is in it’s 5th generation now and has quietly built a sizeable fan base and a quality product.

At Econorent we currently stock 2 sizes of the Boxer van. At the top of the page you’ll see our 2 information box-outs they show you the differences.

Peugeot Boxer Professional INTERIOR


The underpinnings of the Boxer van are mostly the same as the current Citreon Relay and Fiat Ducato vans but the Peugeot stylings are what makes it unique. The large grill up front surrounded by chrome and upturned gaping corner bumpers give the vehicle a look of it’s own and the headlights are more sporty than van-like.

Peugeot Boxer Professional Interior

Surprisingly high quality materials have been used throughout the interior of the Boxer. As is the current trend, the cab feels extremely car like and is built for long distance comfort. Everything the driver needs to close by and the controls feedback satisfyingly when pushed, moved or prodded.

The professional model that we stock has air-con, Bluetooth, cruise control and satellite navigation. A great inclusion on these models is a reversing camera, invaluable on a vehicle this size.


Peugeot Boxer Professional Drive & Practicality


Both models of the Peugeot Boxer we stock drive with confidence and ease. After 4 previous generation of this vehicle its refinement is very apparent and it’s a real contender that must be considered when looking to buy or rent a large load moving van. 

 With class leading economy and load size for the group of vans this size the Boxer makes in impact against the more established players in the market. 

Load width in these vans is great and accessibility to the store area is unrivalled in the sector. The load area is very square so you can really get the most out of the space you’ve got. 

To compare this van’s size and load carrying capacity you can check out our useful van size tables.



The Peugeot Boxer is a huge load moving vehicle that drives like a car. You can really pack in the contents and you’ll be suprised at how few trips you’ll need. The “professional” model addons that are on our stocked models are the cherry-on-top and you will make your rental experience a breeze.

One of the longest van’s we stock, but if you need more vertical space then look at the taillift Ford Luton. If you don’t need quite so much length in your van then the H2 L2 Ford Transit might fit the bill.


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