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Single Vehicle Load and Dimension Data

This vehicles' basic, load and dimension data.
Data about the vehicle in question
MakeModelDay HireWeekend HireWeek HireDoorsSeatsFuel TypeTransAverage MPGWidth Between Wheel Arches (m)Width Full Load (m)Load Length (m)Load Height (m)Tailgate Width (m)Tailgate Height (m)Max PayloadFloor Area (m2)Cubic Area (m3)
FordRanger 2.0 Wildtrack£100.00£200.00£600.0025DieselManual26.41.131.562.30.831.3711823.3
FordTransit Custom SWB Low£70.00£140.00£300.0043DieselAuto49.61.351.772.551.41.41.38664.245.4
VWTransporter LWB - 105bhp£80.00£160.00£330.0043DieselAuto401.241.692.971.41.481.310655.027.03
VWShuttle LWB SE£125.00£250.00£800.0049DieselAuto44.
FordTransit 350 RWD£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual361.
VWTransporter LWB - 150 bhp£80.00£160.00£330.0042DieselAuto401.241.692.971.41.41.2710655.027.03
MitsubishiMitsubishi L200 Barbarian£100.00£200.00£600.0022DieselAuto271.081.471.520.4751.40.710452.231
PeugeotPeugeot Bipper£70.00£140.00£350.0032DieselManual601.041.471.521.180.641.046602.232.64
VWVW Caddy Maxi LWB Auto£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselAuto521.161.552.
VWVW Transporter SWB£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselManual461.241.692.571.391.481.311204.346.04
FordFord Transit Custom SWB Hi-Roof£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselAuto391.391.772.
ToyotaToyota Proace D 140 LWB Extended£70.00£140.00£350.0043DieselManual491.251.662.861.391.41.2910004.276.6
FordFord Transit Custom LWB£80.00£160.00£330.0042DieselManual431.391.772.
FordFord Transit L2 H2£100.00£200.00£650.0043DieselAuto391.391.782.
PeugeotPeugeot Boxer L2 H2 professional£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual351.421.873.121.931.561.791545511.5
PeugeotPeugeot Boxer L3 H2 professional£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual441.421.873.71.931.561.7914955.413
VWVW Crafter MWB Hi-Roof£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual371.
MercedesMercedes-Benz Sprinter£100.00£200.00£560.0042DieselManual321.51.784.31.941.51.87647.614
FordFord Box Tail Lift£125.00£250.00£630.0032DieselManual272.0542.161.81.910008.217.71
VWVW Caddy 7 Seater£90.00£180.00£448.0057DieselAuto491.1681.5521.2591.1831.134736
FordTourneo 9 Seater£125£250£80059DieselAuto43

*** weekend hire refers to taking a vehicle either (a) at the end of the working day on Friday or (b) at the start of the working day on Saturday. The vehicle must then be returned *before* 8am on the following Monday.

Luton Van Hire

Our Luton Van, also known as the Ford Box Tail Lift is the perfect van to hire for hauling, towing, or moving household goods across town comes equipped with a tail lift. The Luton van’s tail lift makes the job easier when loading and unloading the spacious cargo area in this top rate van for hire.

Econorent’s Luton Van provides an attractive and efficient solution for high-volume work loads. Versatility of our Luton vans is assured by design, and, in terms of functionality, the Luton Van sets new standards. Competitive payloads are maintained by its steel and aluminum frame, ensuring a high payload and a low weight. The flat floor of the Ford Box Tail Lift ensures that the load-space can be fully utilized to carry a wide variety of payloads.

To give you an idea about the kind of capacity a Luton Van has here is an example of the kind of items you could easily load into an Econorent Ford Luton Van using the powered tail-lift.

Luton Van Convinience

The Ford Luton Box Tail Lift van is renowned for its driving convenience and practicability. Designed with the user in mind, it features an ergonomic driver’s seat and a well-arranged dashboard that makes everything easily accessible. The steering is light and responsive, making it easy to maneuver through traffic and narrow streets. Additionally, the vehicle’s suspension system is finely tuned to provide a smooth ride, even when fully loaded. It’s also equipped with advanced safety features such as ABS, ESP, and a robust braking system, ensuring the driver’s and cargo’s safety.

Moreover, the van comes with a powered tail lift, making it even more practical for loading and unloading heavy items without the need for additional equipment or manpower. The van’s design and functionalities ensure it provides a seamless driving experience while making the transportation of goods efficient and hassle-free.

The Ford Luton Box Tail Lift van boasts impressive load potential. Its robust steel and aluminum frame enables it to maintain a high payload while keeping the weight of the van to a minimum. The flat floor of the cargo area ensures that the space can be fully utilized, allowing for the transportation of a wide variety of items.

Whether you are moving house and need to transport furniture and appliances or a business owner delivering goods to customers, the van’s spacious cargo area and powered tail lift make loading and unloading a breeze. For example, items such as sofas, white goods, and large boxes can be easily loaded into an Econorent Ford Luton Van using the powered tail lift. This van is not only ideal for moving household goods but also suitable for businesses that require the transportation of bulky or heavy items regularly.

Luton Van Load capability

Hire the Luton Van from Econorent Now

Spacious and efficient, the Luton Van is ideal for hire to transport goods and posessions throughout Suffolk, Ipswich, as well as Essex. Book the Luton Van now.

If the Ford Box Tail Lift is just too big you could always drop down to something like the VW Crafter for an amazing van with great specs and loadability.


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