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The largest version of the popular large van! This is the first iteration of the ever-popular Transit to be shipped and sold across the pond in the USA. Ford knew there was a lot riding on it and needed to please 2 very different markets. It needed to put a strong fights against such rivals as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Volkswagen Crafter.

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This long and high version of classic everyman’s van does exactly what it says on the tin and is both longer and higher than any other van Econorent offer apart from going all the way upto a Luton Van. You basically have 10 cubic meters of space at your disposal, a flat, low load platform and plenty of options for hooking and tethering your load inside the vehicle.

Ford Transit L2 H2 Drive

Even at this size the Ford L2H2 makes you feel instantly at home in the driving seat. With firm yet comfortable seats that are easy to get into and all the buttons and switches in clear and obvious places in front of you. The engine provides good torque right down the range even at full load and the urgency it provides is welcome.

Ford Transit L2 H2 Hire


For a huge load mover with a small van feel there is no other choice. If the idea of driving a Ford Luton intimidates you then look no further as with the Ford Transit L2 H2 you might still manage your job in a load or two. Good visibility and safety make this an easy choice. Hire one today from Econorent.


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