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Single Vehicle Load and Dimension Data

This vehicles' basic, load and dimension data.
Data about the vehicle in question
MakeModelDay HireWeekend HireWeek HireDoorsSeatsFuel TypeTransAverage MPGWidth Between Wheel Arches (m)Width Full Load (m)Load Length (m)Load Height (m)Tailgate Width (m)Tailgate Height (m)Max PayloadFloor Area (m2)Cubic Area (m3)
FordRanger 2.0 Wildtrack£100.00£200.00£600.0025DieselManual26.41.131.562.30.831.3711823.3
FordTransit Custom SWB Low£70.00£140.00£300.0043DieselAuto49.61.351.772.551.41.41.38664.245.4
VWTransporter LWB - 105bhp£80.00£160.00£330.0043DieselAuto401.241.692.971.41.481.310655.027.03
VWShuttle LWB SE£125.00£250.00£800.0049DieselAuto44.
FordTransit 350 RWD£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual361.
VWTransporter LWB - 150 bhp£80.00£160.00£330.0042DieselAuto401.241.692.971.41.41.2710655.027.03
MitsubishiMitsubishi L200 Barbarian£100.00£200.00£600.0022DieselAuto271.081.471.520.4751.40.710452.231
PeugeotPeugeot Bipper£70.00£140.00£350.0032DieselManual601.041.471.521.180.641.046602.232.64
VWVW Caddy Maxi LWB Auto£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselAuto521.161.552.
VWVW Transporter SWB£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselManual461.241.692.571.391.481.311204.346.04
FordFord Transit Custom SWB Hi-Roof£70.00£140.00£350.0042DieselAuto391.391.772.
ToyotaToyota Proace D 140 LWB Extended£70.00£140.00£350.0043DieselManual491.251.662.861.391.41.2910004.276.6
FordFord Transit Custom LWB£80.00£160.00£330.0042DieselManual431.391.772.
FordFord Transit L2 H2£100.00£200.00£650.0043DieselAuto391.391.782.
PeugeotPeugeot Boxer L2 H2 professional£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual351.421.873.121.931.561.791545511.5
PeugeotPeugeot Boxer L3 H2 professional£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual441.421.873.71.931.561.7914955.413
VWVW Crafter MWB Hi-Roof£100.00£200.00£560.0043DieselManual371.
MercedesMercedes-Benz Sprinter£100.00£200.00£560.0042DieselManual321.51.784.31.941.51.87647.614
FordFord Box Tail Lift£125.00£250.00£630.0032DieselManual272.0542.161.81.910008.217.71
VWVW Caddy 7 Seater£90.00£180.00£448.0057DieselAuto491.1681.5521.2591.1831.134736
FordTourneo 9 Seater£125£250£80059DieselAuto43

*** weekend hire refers to taking a vehicle either (a) at the end of the working day on Friday or (b) at the start of the working day on Saturday. The vehicle must then be returned *before* 8am on the following Monday.


The Toyota Proace launched into a crowded and historic market segment. It has cribbed from a lot of the best and has a lot going for it in it’s own right. For those searching for a van with all-round ability it ticks a lot of boxes. It’s affordable to run, a trustworthy drive and has does all of the things you’d expect a van in this class to do. The huge warranty is proof that Toyota has trust in it.

toyota proace Interior

Such is the interconnected world of vehicles, the Proace is actually put together by the PSA Group in France. Luckily, they have put the Proace together with the sort of tough build that’s needed by a van in the modern workplace. There are a 3 seats in the front of the van with traditional seatbelt systems. It’s a slightly thinner vehicle than a VW Transporter but roomy enough.

The knobs and switches all react in a pleasing manner and the interface for audio and heating is unremarkable but perfectly fine for the job. The seating position is a bit lower than normal but the van feels more compact and agile for it. 

toyota proace Drive

The Proace drives like a car. It actually shares a lot of components with some Peugeot cars so this makes sense. It feels better than the previous model of Proace the minute you pull away, the extra work shows.

Suspension setup is balanced and even with a full load you soon forget you’re driving a jam-packed van as you steer confidently around corners.

The gearbox is good enough for the job seeing is this is no race car. Same goes for the brakes that feel confident at all times. 

toyota proace Practicality

The Toyota Proace hits all the right notes when it comes to storage space and accessibility. Easy access is provided by fully opening rear doors that can swallow a euro pallet. The van is a little more compact than a transit but not so you’d notice unless they were side by side.

There is space under the front seats that is accessible from the back, useful. Inside the cab you can even fold down one of the seats to make a little, flat table for lunch or laptop. 

Hire the toyota proace today

With it’s car-like drive and foundation built from PSA’s Peugeot know-how we have a remarkably drivable van here. While it doesn’t have the brand awareness of other vans in the segment, it’s a solid looking vehicle with performance to match inside and out. A perfect van for someone who doesn’t feel too confident stepping into a vehicle this size. But also, if you’ve just got a job to do, we are sure the Toyota will be up to the task.  

Look for something larger than this? A big step up in space can be found with a Mercedes Sprinter. Truly huge amounts of cubic area to move what you need to, without stepping up to the full size Luton Van.


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