Van Hire – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a great idea to hire a van and do your load moving yourself. Cheaper, you’re in control and you don’t have to trust someone else with your precious objects. We offer a van for pretty much every circumstance here at Econorent. The smallest being the nippy Peugeot Bipper, through the many variations on the standard Ford Transit formula we all know and love, right the way up to the big mover, the Ford Luton Transit complete with handy tail-lift.

First here are the load dimensions:

Right – onto those questions that you probably have right now:

What do I need to hire a vehicle?

For starters we’ll need to see all of the following documentation at the time of hire:

  • photo driving License
  • Recent proof of address ( utility bill or bank statement ) or current passport
  • Debit or Credit card
  • This also applies to any secondary drivers that are insured.
What does the price include?

Included in the price is insurance with a £500 excess ( reducible to £50 by paying a small Collision Damage Waiver ) 24 breakdown cover.

What kind of license do i need to hire a van?

All of our manual gearbox vans can be driven by the bearer of a standard UK manual license.

How much can a van carry?

How long is a piece of string?!?

It’s a tricky question to answer. With 5 different types of van we probably have the right one for you though. Give us a call and try and have specific measurements of what you need to move. We will of course be happy to invite you down the depot to look over the van yourself if we have it in the yard.

As a (very) rough guide you can often fit a 3 seat sofa into a transit or transporter , then there is obviously some extra room to stack above it. A Luton Tailift van will, when cleverly packed, fit the contents of a 2 bedroom house into it if things like beds and wardrobes have been fully dismantled…but of course you might need to so a second run!

What does a tail-lift do?

All our Luton vans are equipped with powered tailifts. These are easy-to-use, electronic, flat lifts at the rear of the vehicle. They can carry 500kg and make the act of lifting heavy things into the load area very easy. Items such as fridges, sofas and pianos can be pushed onto the platform and lifted upto the level of the load area. Easy.

How many people can a van carry?

The Transits, Transporters and Lutons all easily fit 3 people in the front cab.

I’m scared of driving a van! Will i be alright?

Obviously the vehicle may be a lot larger than what you currently drive so extra care and attention is required. However, a lot of customers bring their van back having enjoyed the experience and are left thinking it was lot easier than they feared.

If in doubt, get a passenger to help you maneuver. While driving on the open the road these modern vans feel a lot like a car to drive anyway.

Also, for under £8 a day our insurance offers collision damage waiver that will take the £500 excess right down to £50. It’s a popular option.

Will it cost me lots of money in petrol to use a van?

Modern vans do much better mileage than in the past. Transits and Transporters can get 34/35 MPG when driven sensibly, so a 30 mile roundtrip would cost under a fiver ( as of 20/02/2015 ). Luton tail-lifts vary between 20-30 MPG depending on load and driving style, so the same trip would be under £6.30 ( 20/02/2015 ).

Is there a maximum mileage i can drive?

If you are planning cover over a few hundred miles in a day you should call us for more information.

If you do over 150 miles per day over the term of your hire you’ll be liable for a small per/mile charge of between 12p and 15p.

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