Polo R Line DSG

The VW Polo R Line with the much celebrated DSG gearbox is a part tamed GTI.

It’s a car wearing a similar look to the top end sporty models of VW’s range but with some of the high-end punch taken away to save money.

In the market to hire a small car – there honestly isn’t much better for this money.

Polo R Line DSG Exterior

This car wears its sporty look with an understated calm. It’s not loud a look but when you see it you know that it’s above the other cars in the market segment. Its 16 inch alloys and svelte lines take the eye front to back. The changes made from the base models are warranted. Halogen lamps in the new modern style and led running lights top the package off.

Polo R Line DSG Interior

Whilst there are some savings made from the range-topping GTI interior we still get a solid interior. The same steering wheel from the Golf is in place with reach and height adjustments. And the R Line sports seats looks awesome and really keep you planted when hitting tight bends.

This new Polo is more spacious than before. I’m 6’2″ and still there’s still some room above, leg room is adequate and what you’d expect for a car this size. The story is similar in the back, it’s fit for purpose. The dash are is dominated by the touchscreen which retains some hardware controls for ease of use. You get a great sound system too, the strong plastics used really help the speakers push out a good sound.

There are USB ports in the front and back and wireless charging in the centre console. GPS is standard and the map can be configured to show in the centre area or nestled in between the dials on the digital dash. Some of our models have a rear view camera for parking and manoeuvring.

Polo R Line DSG Drive

The Polo really leads in the small car segment for drive quality. The platform is used in cars such as the Golf so it’s off on its best foot right from the start. This car is not the GTI but it is a lot of fun. Steering wheel very direct when driving but light and easy when parking. That DSG gearbox continues to be a great auto gearbox and the R Line’s rear disc brakes do a sterling job of slowing everything down.

Rent A Polo R Line From Econorent Now

Volkswagen once again give us a car that reliably does what you think it will do. Great build quality and reliability. Brilliant drive from this car that sits nicely between a “normal” car and something that is an out and out small sports car.

With the Polo R Line DSG you get something that’s just plain fun but doesn’t scream “LOOK AT ME” when you’re out for the day.

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