Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian

The L200 Barbarian double-cab pickup might be the ultimate do-all vehicle. It’s a high ground clearance 4×4. Seating for 4 adults. Comfy and classy enough for a long drive. Covered, easy access storage space in the back. What more could you need?

Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian Exterior


The model Econorent stocks is the top end flavour. You’ll get some high-spec features such as xenon headlights with washers, perfect for wintry conditions and off-road. Electric wing mirrors with indicators that tuck in are a nice, useful extra. The overall look from the front is very close to any current Mitsubishi car or SUV. This car-like behaviour is something repeated again and again. No longer does driving a pickup have to feel like a heavy, unwieldy workmanlike vehicle.

Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian Interior

The top level trim really puts a show on inside the Barbarian. The vehicle has all round leather seats and a fully adjustable leather stitched steering wheel. As a result the interior feels more like an executive saloon than a pickup. A wonderfully clear dash displays all the usual information including a 2 or 4 wheel drive indicator. Dominating the centre console is the 7 inch media panel. It has full Apple and Android compatibility and usb ports are just below. Climate control ensures happy passengers. A set of lights indicating which seat belts aren’t being worn is a great feature that will annoy anyone trying to avoid buckling up. The reversing camera is a perfect fit for a pickup, load up the back right to the top and stay safe.

Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian Drive & Practicality


Carrying on with the car-like theme you’ll feel right at home the minute you press the engine stop/start button. The 16v 2.4 litre engine provides a punchy drive even though it’s a little smaller than some of its competitors. You’ll get great torque and easy hill climbing ability. The 6 speed gearbox has a shorter throw than the previous L200 Barbarians.

The Mitsubishi manages to pull off a surprisingly light feeling turn. And, the turning circle is noteworthy, good for the size of the vehicle. Our testing has managed to get a real world 30 to 40 MPG which is good with regards to the class of the vehicle. 500 miles on one tank is possible, reducing the need for fill up stops on a long drive. The L200 has proper off road ability. This model has Super Select Active 4×4. When enabled it automatically sends power to the right wheels based on the grip available. Finally, it has a reinforced chassis over the last model which really seems to firm up the drive.

Econorents’ L200 models are double cab with bed covers. This Barbarian model has an excellent soft drop tailgate which means you can just unhook and let it drop. No bang, no trapped fingers. The load space in the bed is 1470mm width, 1520mm length with a depth of 475mm. It will manage a 1000kg carry. 6 Lashing points and a step on the bumper to allow easy loading and securing.


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The L200 is really suited to both work and play. If you’re moving a load and need to carry 4 people too then there really is no better option. With this vehicle you’ll get a good looking executive ride with a backbone.

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