Kia Stonic 1.6 CRDI

It was surely only a matter of time. If you’re a car manufacturer in 2018 you need a baby SUV. SUV’s are hot stuff and are just on the up and up as people migrate from super-mini vehicles and bigger family cars into this relatively new breed of motor.

Kia Stonic 1.6 CRDI from Econorent


Kia have taken their time with this mini SUV but it shows that they’ve used that gap wisely. They’ve learnt from their competitors and really started to build themselves a strong brand. All of this shows in this first segment entry from Kia with a great offering that can mix it with the best of them.

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Kia Stonic 1.6 CRDI Interior


With a targa-style roof and that SUV height you’ll get a lovely feeling of spaciousness inside the Stonic. Kia driver controls have come a long way in the past few years and the Stonic is another step in that evolution. There’s no room for poor interiors so the step up to compete with the like of Nissan is necessary in this segment. A good feel and sensible layout exists – satisfying to use and suits the look of the car.

Kia Stonic Drive

The 108bhp diesel engine in the Stonic is a perfect match for this fun-size SUV. It offers enough grunt to compete on the open road and delivers a really high MPG and low emission so you can feel good on those long journeys. Learning from their production of some more sporty models Kia has produced a tidy suspension setup that will let the driver in you forget that you’re in a high-sided SUV, the handling feels more like a smaller, agile car.

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