Audi A3 Hire

If there is one thing you can be sure about, year on year, it’s that the new Audi A3 will share many of its looks with the previous model. You can be sure that the interior is going to retain the top-range quality of the previous model. And you can be sure that the driving experience will provide the confidence and purity of the previous model. The A3 we have at Econorent is predictably good.

Audi A3 Interior


Audi spreads on the class in thick servings in the A3. They have held the hefty accolade of “most premium hatchback” in the hearts and minds of the adoring public for many years and don’t plan to let it slip away. Other cars in the class aspire to the levels of quality achieved here. The design is spartan and classy, futuristic but usable, strong yet light to the touch. Touchscreen navigation is here too, the controls dominated by a top-end, ultra responsive touch display.

Audi A3 Drive

The TSFI engine in the Econorent chosen model is punchy and fun. The car happily plods along in town but can become lively and responsive all over the rev range when asked nicely. The auto gearbox is more than a match for the engine and even if you’re a fan of a manual box you’ll no doubt be quite pleased with the splendid shifting on show here.

Hire the Audi A3

Our most premium hatchback. If you want to treat yourself to a rare opportunity, and drive a top model car then this is a great choice. Or maybe you just want the best we can offer you in a medium size car – it’ll provide you with everything that Audi is so well known for.

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